COIQ Events 19th-20th January - DRAFT Schedules

The DRAFT schedules for COIQ Plymouth & COIQ Cranford are now available to view!


As usual, please DO NOT make any concrete travel plans based on these schedules yet as they may change but do have a look at them to ensure that there aren't any issues.




If you do see anything that might need amending, please email or contact the official UKU Events Co-ordinator Facebook account (, however we hope to be able to confirm the schedule in a couple of days!


The Info Pack for COIQ Cranford is also available to view, which includes all of the information that you need to know for the event. The link and the PDF version can be found on the UKU Event Page! The Info Pack for COIQ Plymouth will be released soon and updated on the event page when ready. 


Also, please ensure that your TEAM ROSTER is up to date on the GoMembership website. All clubs competing at the COIQ & ScCWIN events are required to use the club profiles area of the new GoMembership portal to add ALL players that are competing at the event to the relevant team on the new system. More information, including how to do this, can be found here. Don't forget that all of your players also have to have the correct membership for the event!

If you have any issues with updating your team rosters or membership, please email