Competition Structure Review - All Survey Responses Now Published

Thank you to everyone that completed the Competition Structure Review Survey. We received 297 submissions which is great! 


If you wish to read the final results of the survey, please check out the full results here:

Please note that some details in a couple of the comment responses have been redacted as they included personal information (highlighted in red).


We understand that there has been some criticism regarding the survey, in particular the way some questions have been phrased, and we appreciate your feedback and have taken it on board. However, to clarify, we will not be taking the results of this survey at face value - we actually really want you to engage with us even further! 


NEW E-Groups

One of our routes to gathering more input is that we are setting up some new e-groups to improve comms with clubs.  Initially there will be one group per division, although the groups are set up so that members can post to all three groups where appropriate.  The forums are open to be read by anyone online, but only group members can post.  Initially we are looking for 1 representative per club.  More details here:

Join your division group by following these links:

MIXED -!forum/competitions-club-feedback-mixed 

WOMEN’S -!forum/competitions-club-feedback-womens 

OPEN -!forum/competitions-club-feedback-open 

Why not join now to get involved in a discussion about the competition structure? With the aim that all clubs will be represented on there, it’s a great way to get the conversation going about what might be suitable for everyone or for you to inform other clubs about what the challenges are for you in particular when it comes to the competition structure.



For those of you that are users on Reddit or are familiar with the platform, there is currently a discussion thread titled ‘What needs to change about UK tournament structure?’. We are monitoring the comments and thoughts raised in the thread so we encourage you to get involved in the discussion on there if you can! All of the feedback left on the thread is being taken on board and we think this is a great opportunity to open up the conversation even wider. Alternatively, if you prefer things the good old fashioned way, please feel free to start a discussion Britdisc!


Do you have any additional comments?

Due to the magnitude of the issue, we understand that many of you have thoughts and opinions that you felt you couldn’t fully express in the survey, or you did not want to complete the survey which meant that you did not have a platform to share your comments. As such, we would like to emphasise that our emails are always open for you to contact us on. So if you do have any comments that you would like to share with us regarding the competition structure, please email as we always welcome your feedback. Any emails received will be taken on board alongside the comments left in the survey and on Reddit, as well as with anything from the discussion sessions held about the topic. Although please bear in mind that we may not always be able to reply to every email individually.


Competition Review Discussion Sessions @ UKU Nationals and online

Thanks to all of the players that came along to the discussion sessions at UKU Nationals. We hope that you found them useful to attend. However, we understand that the player base at Nationals was only a very small representation of the community so we are currently in the process of collating all of the feedback collected at these meetings to share with you. We hope that this provides more of you with the opportunity to get involved in answering the questions posed at the meetings, and so that the discussion can continue beyond them. Please keep an eye out for this newsletter.


As promised though, we will be holding additional online discussions this month. We are just finalising the times and dates of when these sessions will be held and we hope to publish the details soon!