COWIN - Update

Games will now start at 1.30pm today and will finish at approximately 8.10pm this evening.  Games are largely unaffected, however ALL first round pool games will be 17 minutes long and the last round of Pool M games will be played tomorrow morning at 9am (instead of at the end on Saturday). There have also been some minor adjustments to the game order on Sunday morning, but the knockout bracket and Pool C games will remain at 23 mins on Sunday.


When you finish your games, please clear off the pitch as soon as possible so that the next round of games can start on time, as we do not have any leeway for the schedule to run late. For example, it would be really useful for us if you could shake your opponents’ hands off of the pitch. 


We also kindly ask for teams’ help with setting up the pitches in time for the games to start at 1.30pm today because we only have 30 minutes to get into the hall and to get everything set up. If you can, it would be really appreciated if your team could arrive for 1pm to lend a helping hand!


Sorry for the inconvenience that has been caused this morning, particularly as we understand that some teams may now be unable to play in some of their games due to other commitments this evening, but unfortunately there's not much we can do. If this is the case for you, please let the TD know, and again we apologise if your team has been impacted in this way. However, we really appreciate everyone’s understanding and we hope that you all still have a great event!


If you have any issues, please speak to the TD at the desk in the hall, alternatively the contact information can be found on the COWIN Event Website