COWIQ Update, Schedules Confirmed and Nationals Bid Allocation

Schedules Confirmed for 4-5 Dec

Schedules for Women’s in Cranford Superdome (CWIQ) and Open in Coventry Alan Higgs Centre (COIQ) are confirmed.  No changes were made to the drafts.  Please see below for reminder about rostering and the bid allocation for Nationals.


Additional Events

We are still waiting for a decision on the possible additional venue for the Open division but do expect to have a decision next week.


Nationals Bid Allocation

Bid allocations are broadly proportional to the number of teams at each event.  In the Open division, this means that the initial allocation takes into account the maximum possible capacity of all five venues (including the potential extra event in Northampton).  Once we know the actual number of teams attending each event, some of the events may receive one or more additional bids accordingly.

There will be 16 teams in each division.  The table below shows the number of definite, confirmed bids per event as of 3rd December 2021.

Women's Bid Allocation (16/16) Open Bid Allocation (12/16)
Cranford Superdome (Dec) 6 Coventry Alan Higgs (Dec) 3
Dundee (Jan) 4 Dundee (Jan) 2
Coventry Alan Higgs (Jan) 6 Plymouth Marjon (Jan) 3
Cranford Superdome (Dec) 4


Membership and Rostering

Please don’t forget that you need to have your TEAM ROSTER on the JustGo website up to date, so it contains only the players who are playing with your team this weekend. All players must hold at least basic membership,

The details of how to update a team roster can be found in this document. Note that ONLY Club Admins can update the team roster(s).

We will take a download of all rosters over the weekend and will be in touch with any players listed on a roster who are found not to hold at least basic UKU Membership.

If you have any questions or issues please email