Entries for Y Ddraig Goch (The Red Dragon - 30-31 March) & Nottingham Windfarm (1-2 June) Open in the New Year with NEW Event Entry Procedure!

Introducing the new name for our largest Mixed event of the year, being held at the Llanrumney Playing Fields in Cardiff on 30th-31st March 2019 - Y Ddraig Goch (The Red Dragon)! Check out the new event website HERE.





You’ll also be able to find the most up to date information for Nottingham Windfarm 2019 HERE!


Entries for BOTH events open early in the New Year on 9th January 2019 - but make sure that you read the NEW club outdoor event entry procedure first (link below) as it includes important information about how the entry process will work with the new competition structure, as well as what happens if any of the events are oversubscribed. It might seem quite complicated as there are a lot of “if”s and “maybe”s included, but hopefully the document will answer any major queries that you might have as you read through it.


The NEW CLUB OUTDOOR EVENT ENTRY PROCEDURE can be found here: https://www.ukultimate.com/story/new_club_outdoor_event_entry_procedure.

Here’s a quick SUMMARY:

  • Tier 1 events will generally have two entry deadlines: the Early Bird Deadline and the Closing Date.
  • Tier 2 events will only have one entry deadline: the Closing Date.
  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 events will have different allocation criteria for when an event is oversubscribed. For Tier 1 events the criteria focus on your ranking, whereas the Tier 2 criteria prioritise local teams.
  • The ranking algorithm which will be used to determine a club/team’s overall ranking is still to be confirmed by the UKU Competitions Committee.


If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to email events@ukultimate.com