Entries for Y Ddraig Goch (The Red Dragon) & Nottingham Windfarm 2019 Open Soon!

Don't forget that entries for both Y Ddraig Goch (The Red Dragon) and Nottingham Windfarm open on Wednesday 9th January 2019 - only 5 days away! 


The new event websites are now available to view and include all of the up to date information about each event:

Y Ddraig Goch (30-31 March) -  https://sites.google.com/ukultimate.com/yddraiggoch/home

Nottingham Windfarm (1-2 June) - https://sites.google.com/ukultimate.com/nottingham-windfarm/home


Please note that entries for BOTH events will follow the NEW Event Entry Procedure. The full document can be found here: https://www.ukultimate.com/story/new_club_outdoor_event_entry_procedure. The summary of the document can also be found in the original announcement here

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at events@ukultimate.com