Highfield Mixer 2019 - Final Standings, Ranking Points, Spirit Results & Lost Property

We hope that you all had a great weekend at the Highfield Mixer 2019 Ranking Event that took place in St Albans over the weekend! 


Congratulations to Birmingham Ultimate for taking home the trophy! Full final standings can be found on the online schedule. The UKU Rankings have also been updated to take into account the most recent Round of events. These can be found on the Club Ultimate Results pages. 


Also, huge well done to Oxford Ultimate Mixed for winning the Spirit of the Game award*! 

The full breakdowns and spirit results from the weekend can be found here: http://bit.ly/Highfield2019SpiritResults

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If you have any issues/questions regarding spirit, please contact the SotG committee at sotg-committee@ukultimate.com.


*Unfortunately we were unable to hand out the spirit trophy at the weekend. Please contact the TD directly to arrange delivery/collection. 


For any lost property, please contact the TD to arrange postage or collection of any items. They will be sending out the details for lost property from that event soon. 


We look forward to seeing you at the next UKU Ranking Event soon!