IMPORTANT - Club Women’s Indoor Nationals. Confirmed Team List Suspended.

We have received a complaint regarding the implementation of the affiliated-clubs criteria in the team allocation procedure for CWIN.  Consequently we need to suspend the confirmed team list for the event being held on 16th-17th February 2019 whilst this complaint is heard, as per the UK Ultimate Conduct and Complaints Policy.  Depending on the outcome of the complaint, the confirmed team list published as of 07/01/2019 HERE may change. 

Our interpretation of the situation is that, in all likelihood, only the following teams are affected: 

  • Phoenix
  • Frisbabes
  • DH1 Women
  • Sink or Swan
  • Discie Chicks A
  • Chesham Kites Womens

However, given that the allocation procedure is now the subject of a complaint, we cannot rule out the possibility that the entire confirmed team list as of 07/01/2019 HERE could be overturned.  Such an outcome seems unlikely but we feel it is appropriate to make this risk clear to all teams and competitors.


The teams on the waitlist also need to consider the possibility that they will no longer remain on the waitlist if the complaint is upheld.


We understand that teams and players may have made arrangements for the event as it was announced that the team list was confirmed and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.  We hope to have a decision on this complaint very soon and an announcement will be sent out informing teams of the outcome as soon as possible.  At the very least we will issue a general update by Friday 18th January.