Important London Calling Info

There are a few pieces of info that we need to share with you about London Calling - so we'll start early and make sure there's time for you all to see it!


1) You MUST NOT stop to drop people off on arrival. Go all the way to a space in the car park and all get out together - even if you're late for the game. The entrance is relatively close to the M25, and if a queue forms then things will get very dangerous very quickly.


2) The clubhouse (where food is served) has been significantly spruced up and is run by newly-promoted Watford FC. This is now a Premier League facility, and you MUST take your boots off before entering. We should not make a mess here - relations with Watford will determine whether London Calling can continue in the future. There will be additional space to hang out in a marquee by the show pitch, and of course some room in the Five Ultimate tent as well - they'll bring some silly games to play too!

Just buy your food from the building and then take it elsewhere if possible.


3) The UKU Women's Committee are aiming to gather all the women's teams entering Women's Tour 2 at London Calling for a huge community photo. This will be in honour of International Women's Ultimate Weekend which is the weekend after (27th-28th June). Since this falls inbetween two tour weekends, we felt it was best to do something in London, whilst we are already all at a tournament, the week before.

Please pass this message on to your team captains or any officials and all of your team mates. We want to see a huge turnout for this photo! Exact location to be determined; we'll let you know.


More London Calling info soon!