Interested in Playing Competitive Indoor Ultimate? Consider our 2019-20 Club Indoor Competitions!

Entries for our Club Indoor Qualifier events in both the Women’s & Open divisions open soon so we thought we would send out another update on what the 2019-20 Club Indoor events will look like!


Following a successful 2018-19 indoor season and an unprecedented number of entries in the Club Women’s Indoor Nationals event, we are thrilled to announce that we will be introducing the first Club Women’s Indoor Qualifier (CWIQ) events that will lead to the Club Women’s Indoor Nationals competition in 2019-20.


Our initial aim is to introduce 2 new Women’s indoor events - one in the Midlands and one further South - in addition to making the already existing Scottish Club Women’s Indoor Nationals into a qualifying event as well. The structure will be the same as the one that is currently in place for the Open division in that you will not be fixed to enter any specific qualifier event, although you will only be able to enter one competition - even if the events are on different weekends. 


As a result of the above change, we will also be making a minor adjustment to both Nationals competitions. There will only be 16 spots available in BOTH the Open & Women’s Nationals divisions. The number of bids for each qualifier event will be determined once we have confirmed the number of entries for each competition. 


The dates and venues for each of the Club Indoor events for all divisions can be found below:

Club Women’s Indoor Qualifiers (CWIQ)

7th-8th December 2019

South - Cranford Superdome [3G]


25th-26th January 2020

Scotland - Ravenscraig (one day - 25th only) [3G]

Midlands - Alan Higgs [3G]

Club Open Indoor Qualifiers (COIQ)

7th-8th December 2019

Midlands - Alan Higgs [3G]


25th-26th January 2020

Scotland - Ravenscraig (one day - 25th only) [3G]

South West - MarJon [HC]

South East - Cranford Superdome [3G]


Club Open & Women’s Indoor Nationals (COWIN)

22nd-23rd February 2020

Cranford Superdome [3G]


Club Mixed Indoor Nationals (CXIN)

7th-8th March 2020

K2 Crawley [HC]


Full venue information, including entry opening dates, venue addresses and approximate game timings, can be found here: The events are also up to date on the Event Calendar on the UKU website. 


If you have any questions, please email


We look forward to receiving your entries!