June 2019 Tier 2 Open & Women's Ranking Events - Final Standings, Ranking Points, Spirit Results & Lost Property

We hope that you all had a great weekend at the Open & Women's June Tier 2 Ranking Events! 


Congratulations to the winners of each of the events! There were definitely some toughly fought finals in all of the divisions, so well done to everyone that took part. Full final standings can be found on the online schedules (Rhymney Cup | Midsummer Madness | Junction 7). The UKU Rankings have also been updated to take into account the most recent Round of events. These can be found on the Club Ultimate Results pages. 


Well done to the following for winning their respective Spirit of the Game awards!

- Bristol White & Brighton Women (joint) Rhymney Cup Women's

- Shake & Bake Rhymney Cup Open

- SMOG Women & MUC-Chester (joint) Junction 7 Women's

- Uproar Junction 7 Open

- SCU 1 Midsummer Madness

The full breakdowns and spirit results from the weekend can be found here: http://bit.ly/June2019SpiritResultsBreakdowns

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If you have any issues/questions regarding spirit, please contact the SotG committee at sotg-committee@ukultimate.com.


*Unfortunately we were unable to hand out all of the spirit trophie at the weekend. If your event's award was not given out, please email events@ukultimate.com with the address that you would like the SotG award to be sent to.


Lost property for the Rhymney Cup & Junction 7 events have been posted on the UKU Facebook Page. If any of the items are yours, please claim them as outlined in the photo description. It will be possible for RHYMNEY CUP items ONLY to be posted to you for a small fee. For JUNCTION 7 items you will need to contact the TD directly to arrange collection. The TD from Midsumer Madness will be sending out the details for lost property from that event separately. Any items NOT claimed by Friday 12th June will be disposed of.