June 2019 Tier 2 Open & Women's Ranking Events - Updated & Confirmed Schedules

Since the publication of the draft schedules yesterday there have been a number of changes:


There was an error in the Women's seedings which has now been corrected. This may mean that your team has moved pool. Please double check your teams' start time carefully. 

Also, as previously announced, since the publication of the initial draft schedule the games on Saturday have moved around a fair bit. As such, please make sure that you've checked the most up to date version of the schedule so that you have your teams' correct start time. 



Games have been moved around slightly at the end of Saturday. This should not have affected your start time but please double check the schedule anyway to make sure. No further changes have been made.



No changes have been made to this schedule since the draft was published.


However, we are pleased to now confirm ALL of the schedules for the weekend. 

When you arrive, don’t forget to go via the TD desk to sign in, pick up your team disc for the weekend and to receive any updates - and keep checking the relevant Event Website for updates! Please also ensure that all of your players have full UKU membership for the event and are rostered to the relevant team on the GoMembership website. More information, including how to do this, can be found here


And if you haven't heard yet... The Rhymney Cup is going to be livestreamed this weekend! Watch on fanseat.com HERE.