Let’s not forget the great work of our volunteers who help us put on the events that you know and love!

It has come to our attention that some teams are forgetting how important it is to treat our tournament volunteers and organisers with the appropriate politeness and respect.


Without local clubs and universities using their spare time and effort to help us run and organise our events, including helping teams with cheap accommodation options to bring down tournament costs, we would struggle to deliver the excellent events that you have come to know and expect. Please bear this in mind when you’re next attending a UKU tournament or being hosted in someone’s home for the event.


We kindly ask that players remember the UK Ultimate Code of Conduct, where respect, in which members are expected to be respectful in dealing with their team-mates, opponents, staff, volunteers and spectators – both on and off the field, is a key component. Plus it shouldn’t be forgotten that Spirit of the Game is a huge part of Ultimate too. It’s applicable across the Ultimate community as a whole and it’s what makes our sport a great place for inclusivity and enjoyment - it doesn’t just apply when you’re up against the opposition on the playing field!


When you’re next at an event, why not say thanks or give the volunteers a big smile as you walk by! Or if you’re staying at a local players house, why not give them an extra token of your teams’ appreciation with a thank you card before you go. Being nice goes a long way and the generosity of these individuals is what helps to make our sport and our community so amazing, so let’s not forget that. 


To all of our volunteers; thank you!