London Calling Lost Property

Below is a list of lost property recovered from the venue after London Calling. You can't win, it seems - usually bad weather leads people to abandon clothes, but obviously London was simply too hot and forced everyone to remove layers... ;-)

If any of it is yours, please get in touch on benji.heywood[at] We'll be able to take it down to OWT2 in Nottingham, or we're happy to post it if you make a donation to cover the costs.

We also recovered a wallet belonging to Andrew Barlow, and we're a bit astounded he's not been in touch. If you know him, please let us know how to contact him. And there's a set of keys too - again, surprising that no-one has asked about these.

Please note: OWT2 is the last major Club event that UKU are directly running this summer, and we do not intend to store a vanful of lost property until next year. You can get in touch to claim items, or you can make sure to collect your stuff on Saturday of OWT2, but unclaimed items (from London Calling or from the Mixed Tour season) will be given away from 3pm Sunday. Sharpen your elbows for the scrum.

Discs (There were also some unidentifiable discs that will go to schools)
Buck, Phat 'Eds
Steph, Apocalypse cows
Golden Ants #78
Andy, Warwick Bears
Sparks, LLLeeds
Vicki Harman, BAM
Kieran Miller UCL

Blue GAP zip hoodie
Grey 'soft kitty' jumper
Purple Berghaus fleece
faded black berghaus fleece
Blue 'saltrock' jumper
Blue wool River Island jumper
Blue Eastcote Hockey Club jumper
Grey/Blue Kalenji top

Black Puma trackies
Alex Smith's waterproofs from MT3 that someone promised to collect in london (!)
Blue 'Next' joggers
Black Underarmour trackies
Black Berghaus waterproofs
Black Adidas trackies (pink waistband)

Black(ish) ECBU 2013 cap
White WCBU 2011 cap
Black Inesis cap
Green NY cap
White Discraft cap
Grey/red Underarmour beanie
Black Berghaus beanie
Blue Sposh cap
Bright orange cap

Grey Duffa 2012
Blue 'Ultimate -'
Black Adidas cotton
Yellow 'BRC'
White BUSC
Blue USA #55
White Windmill longsleeve
Red H&M

Base layers/Technical gear
Red 'nike running' longsleeve
Black underarmour baselayer
Black underarmour longjohns
Blue RAB longsleeve
Black Kipsta sleeveless
Black Nike Pro baselayer
Black Campri baselayer

Black Berghaus Jacket
Black Butler & Webb coat

White adidas size 5
Black Adidas in 'TOMS' bag
Orange/blue Adidas, Kapow Ultimate Laces (!)
White Adidas, in bag with Glasgow disc

Blue Adidas flipflops
Black Nike trainers
White Adidas trainers
Brown Nike trainers

Shona, Heriot Watt
Eurohike, #39 Junior
Clear Karrimor Nalgene
Blue Karrimor nalgene
Red "Challenge Yourself" metal

Sleeping bag, grey/orange sack
Sleeping bag, red in green sack (Lifeventure)
Skipping rope
2006 WUCC bag  - empty
Virgin Active bag - contains some medical stuff
Durham hat 2011 bag - empty
Black/green Body Shop washbag
Grey/Black washbag
Lorus watch
Umbro sunglasses
Blue string necklace
1 right hand Friction glove
Various knee/ankle supports