London Calling Update 2

List of teams that entered is here.  Its long...

Please check the list and email urgently if it doesn’t match what you think your team is doing.


Timings: More details will follow over the coming days, but you should expect games to start at 9am both days.

Last scheduled games on Sat are likely to finish 18:30-19:00.  Last games on Sunday are likely to finish approx 17:00.

Camping is available – but we’d like to know if you plan to camp, and there is a charge that you can pay in advance or on the day.  Details are all here

We expect to stage two Sat evening showgames for your enjoyment in the evening sunshine from approx 19:00-20:30.  These will probably involve the WG team and hopefullly GB U23 Open too (not playing each other!)