London Calling Update 3

Additional player information, site map, pitch layout and the schedule is now available from the event page.

We are having intermittent problems with the UKU website at the moment, so if you cannot access the website or that page, you can also get the documents from the following googledocs links:

Player Information:

Site map and pitch layout:

Schedule v1-0 (subject to change if necessary)


Some players and teams will be disappointed to find they are starting the season lower than they hoped.  If you provided us with information in good time, and have a reasonable case, we can only assure you that significant time and effort was made to review that information alongside our rules, goals for the events, previous results and some additional research. 


Please remember:

Parking: you will be directed to park on the grass parking areas.  The tarmac carpark is reserved for another event.

Water: there will be a number of fixed water-points around the fields as marked on the map.  Please note the drinking water taps on the outside of the changing room building - esp for teams on pitches 1-8 nearest the pavilion.  Please do note remove the water bottles from the water points.

SOTG: please return game score sheets when you can - but at the very least please do so at the end of each day - thanks.