Loughborough win UKU/BUCS University Women's Indoor Nationals


After a weekend of truly spectacular play all down the rankings, Loughborough emerged as the deserving champions at UWIN after going unbeaten through the weekend. In the final, Birmingham came close to reversing their pool play defeat, but in the end Loughborough proved too strong once again, triumphing in sudden death to win their first UWIN title, with Loughborough's Rupal awarded MVP of the final.

Edinburgh wrapped up the last medal position with a tight win over Leeds in the 3v4, and Oxford comfortably topped the standings to win the Spirit of the Game award.


Full results can be seen on the schedule:


And full spirit results can be seen here:



Thanks to all those who helped make the event a success, and hats off to all the players who are driving the standard of women's Ultimate to new heights each year!


There are a few bits of lost property:

Blue wool jumper

Boots in 'Vapor' bag

Black 'New Look' top

Black 'Cedar Wood State' joggers

Black beanie

Eplas water bottle

Various gloves...

Get in touch if it's yours!