May 2019 Tier 2 Ranking Events - Why You Should Enter!

Are you a Mixed team or club? Did you go to Y Ddraig Goch at the end of March? Do you want to play more Mixed? If you answered yes to any of those questions then you should look at going to the third Round of Mixed competitions that are taking place on 18th-19th May 2019! 


What is a Tier 2 Ranking Event?

A Tier 2 event is a competition that is part of the UKU Ranking Event structure where you will be able to earn ranking points. The details for how points will be awarded will be announced soon. 


If your team was at a Tier 1 event earlier in the season you’re still welcome (and actively encouraged!) to enter Tier 2 events when there isn’t a Tier 1 competition taking place. With the Tier 2 events we’re looking to provide another opportunity for teams to compete when other events are inaccessible to them.


Why should my team enter?

This is a fantastic opportunity to develop regional Ultimate. For example, teams from the Midlands might make the journey up to Manchester, Durham or Scotland to help provide good quality competition in the North, whilst also enabling more Southern teams to attend the events closer to them as they might have additional constraints that will stop them from travelling further up the country, and vice versa. 


Which event should we go to? 

You can enter whichever event you want to - you are not limited to enter a specific one. However, please bear in mind the Entry Allocation Procedure where distance from the event is taken into account should entries be oversubscribed. We highlight this because your choice of event, if you are approximately in the middle of the two or three venue options, might limit someone else’s participation in that Round. Your team might be in a really fortunate position of being able to choose which event you enter, but unfortunately some teams are more limited and might only be able to attend one of the competitions available. So if you’re able to, it could go a long way if you can travel an extra 30 mins or so to help make space at another event for a team that doesn’t have that choice. 


What if the event I want to go to is oversubscribed?

The Entry Allocation Procedure will be followed to allocate the spaces at the competition. Teams that are put on to a waitlist will then have the opportunity to attend another event in that Round if there is space elsewhere. Or, if there aren’t any available options that suit you and your team, you can choose to remain on the waitlist or we can process a full refund of your team entry fee.


How long is there until the entry deadline?

The Closing Date for the third Round of Mixed events is tomorrow! You can enter using the GoMembership website. Guidelines for how the new process works can be found below, but make sure you’re a Club Administrator before you start as otherwise you won’t be able to enter. 


How to set up teams:

How to enter events:


If you have any questions then please email We look forward to receiving your entries!