Mixed Tour 2 - Draft Seeding and IMPORTANT INFO

First, the important bit we want you to start thinking about now. We've found parking a mile away from the venue, as there is very little available on site. We'll be running a shuttle bus service (2 minibuses running on a 10-minute-max round trip, so a bus every 5 mins or so). You should start planning now to be able to drop off most of your players at the venue and then the driver will nip down the road to park and get the bus back up. This shouldn't be that huge a problem, but you will need to allow a few extra minutes in the morning of course.

It is secure (manned) parking at a University location, and just like in Cardiff you will need to show a Player Pass to get in. A jpeg can be found here. More details and a reminder of this info will be in the Info Pack, but here is advance warning!


The draft schedule for Mixed Tour 2 may be a couple of days yet I'm afraid - we're aware of at least 3 teams struggling for numbers, and there's no point releasing something when we have a strong expectation of it changing.

We CAN confirm that games will run from 9:30 on Saturday until around 6:30pm. On sunday you should be prepared for a start time of 9am and a finish around 6pm when booking transport, though we may be able to fit it in one slot fewer than that depending on the exact number of teams (which would mean approx 9:30-5:00).

Below is the draft seeding - hopefully we can at least get feedback on any problems here even if we cannot yet release the schedule! Get in touch if there are errors or if 'new' teams are wildly misseeded (but not if you just think you'd like to be seeded higher!) on benji.heywood@ukultimate.com

1    Reading 1
2    Shiny Happy Meeple
3    Bristol 1
4    GB U23 Andale
5    Black Eagles
6    Glasgow
7    GB U23 Arriba
8    Thundering Herd 1
9    BAM
10    JR
11    Brighton Breezy
12    Cambridge
13    Thundering Herd 2
14    Shakedown
15    Manchester Mixed
16    Mighty Hucks
17    Brizzle Kicks
18    ABH A
19    Brighton Pier Pressure
20    Smog
21    Sneekys
22    YCU
23    Curve
24    Birmingham
25    Devon
26    Flyght Club
27    Deep Drillin
28    Flump
29    JR2
30    PAF
31    Sheffield Steal
32    Heriot-Watt
33    Amateur Athletes
34    St Albans
35    Bristol 2
36    Guildford 1
37    Black Sheep
38    White Sheep
39    ABH B
40    The Brown
41    BRB
42    Guildford 2
43    Reading 2
44    Devon 2
45    The Fish
46    Manchester 2

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