Moor Lane & Edenbridge 2019 - Updated & Confirmed Schedules + Important Event Information

Please make sure that all of your players are aware of the following information for this weekend!



When you arrive, don’t forget to go via the TD desk to pick up your team disc for the weekend and to receive any updates. Also, please keep up to date with the latest news and information for the event on the Moor Lane Event Website & Edenbridge Event Website. All major pieces of information regarding the events - including schedule, SotG, car park and venue information - will be posted there so please check your event's website before you leave on Saturday morning and throughout the weekend. 



Please ensure that all of your players have full UKU membership for the event and are rostered to the relevant team on the GoMembership website. More information, including how to do this, can be found here. Checks will be carried out.


Camping is available this weekend on both Friday and Saturday night! All of the information about how this works can be found on the Moor Lane Event Website, but please read the information about how to access the campsite carefully. You will need to drive THROUGH the campsite to get to the car park and this route through will be marked out. Please be careful when though and pay attention to the signage.


 For all players planning on driving to the event this weekend, please read the following carefully:

  • Parking is on-site in TWO venue car parks. One is by the front of the building which your sat nav will take you too, however, the larger car park can be found at the back of the building via a separate road which is highlighted on the map on the Event Website's 'Getting There' page. 
  • We believe there will be enough space for everyone, but if they do get full then there are free car parks available in the town centre which is approx. a 5 min walk away. We have included a map of the area to outline where some of these car parks are. 
  • You might be tempted to park on the road leading up to the venue on the kerb but we please ask that you refrain from doing so as there is already tension between the homeowners there and the venue. As mentioned, there are free car parks not far from the venue and you do not want the police contacting you as someone has reported your car.  If you do decide to park there, we recommend that you are VERY CAREFUL and ensure that you park legally and responsibly. 
The details of where the car parks are can be found on the Getting There page on the Edenbridge Event Website Please make sure that all of your players are aware of this information, as well as any spectators that may be coming to watch. 


We are pleased to now confirm the schedules for the weekend. However, there have been some changes so please double check your event's schedule to make sure that you know your team's correct start time.




If you have any questions, please email events@ukultimate.comOtherwise, we look forward to seeing you this weekend!