Nationals and Regionals Update

All teams and players with interest in competing at or attending Regionals and/or Nationals should read this update.  There is important information including a number of changes. In the interests of clearly communicating the important information this article will focus on the decisions only.  We will look to publish a follow-up discussion to review the arguments and reasoning soon.

Nationals 26-28 August

Firstly some bad news that Sixways Stadium, Worcester, dropped out of our arrangement and we are NOT able to host Nationals there. Without going into all the details we had every indication in writing that all aspects of the event were set up and agreed, but the neighbouring rugby club, whose pitches were also needed, suddenly backed out.  We are working hard to find a replacement venue and will provide an update as soon as possible.

Regionals 29-30 July in Women’s, Mixed and Open

Further to previous announcements regarding the Nationals 2017 and the introduction of regional qualifiers to Women’s and Mixed divisions, the Competition Committee has been reviewing the regional structuring for 2017.  There is a no obviously perfect answer and the final decision is as follows.

For all three divisions (Open, Mixed and Women’s) there will be two consolidated regions: NORTH and SOUTH.  For more information on the 12 “sub-regions” that we use to divide up the UK, please see Section 6 of the UK Ultimate Club Outdoor Tour and EUCS Competition Rules (2017).

NORTH will be made up of Scotland (Sc), Northern Ireland (NI), North-East (NE), North-West (NW), Yorkshire & Humberside (Y&H), West-Midlands (WM), East-Midlands (EM) and East-England (EE). In terms of the Open division regions used last year this effectively combines Scotland, North and Midlands.


 SOUTH will be made up of South-West (SW), Wales (Wa), South-East (SE), Greater London (GL). In terms of the Open division regions used last year this effectively combines South-West & Wales, South-East, and London.


 Apologies for the fact that we are still working to finalise venues for these events. We fully expect the Open divisions will require both days of 29-30 July.  We cannot be certain this will be the case for the Women’s and Mixed divisions.  For the time being teams should plan on the basis of attending both days, and when we have clear information about team-entries this question will be reviewed.  Given the implications of onwards qualification to EUCF and WUCC we are likely to err on the side of allowing more time to ensure the fairest possible schedule from a qualification perspective.  

Bid Allocation

Please also recall that as of 2017, Ireland is sending teams to UK Nationals which is also the West-region qualifier to the European Ultimate Championships Finals. The table below shows the bid allocation by these new “super-regions” for each division.




















In the Open division the EUCS bid allocation algorithm was run against last year’s results, with input from European Ultimate Federation on the inclusion of Irish teams.   In the Mixed and Women’s divisions where regionals are being introduced for the first time, the committee decided to award 3 bids to each region with an additional “strength bid” awarded to North in Mixed and South in Women’s based on results from Nationals 2016.