NEW Tartan Tour 2020

What is the Tartan Tour?

The Tartan Tour is a new addition to the Scottish Ultimate calendar to try to develop the outdoor club scene. The aim is to boost participation at club level and offer more local playing opportunities for everyone. So far, there are four one-day events planned (2 x mixed, 2 x open/women's) around Scotland between March and June.

What to expect:

You can expect to play at least 3 regular length games in a day, or several shorter games. The main focus is to get teams together for matches and a social event at each tournament. There won't necessarily be any fancy extras as the main priorities are to a) get this up and running, b) involve as many people as possible. In the first year, the aim is to keep costs low while still providing good quality venues. 


Which teams will play?

One of the goals of the Tartan Tour is to help create a larger Ultimate community at the club level:

  • Hopefully these events will inspire new teams to form and provide a better focus for existing teams. Find out if your local club is entering a side or go ahead and start your own team!
  • Entries from university teams will be accepted, although uni players are STRONGLY encouraged to play these tournaments with local club sides to help maintain a pathway from uni to club.
  • Teams are encouraged to enter with development in mind. As far as competition levels go, there won't be much point in entering the strongest squad your city has to offer. 
  • The preference is to have more teams, rather than large squads. 10-16 players is probably enough for a one-day outdoor event.
  • Basic UKU membership will be required for all participants. 


The events are Tier 3 UKU Ranking Events - How will that work?  

These tournaments will be Tier 3 and will allow your team to accumulate ranking points across the season as part of the larger ranking structure.  The number of points available is significantly lower than those of offer for Tier 2 events, but the calculation is similar in terms of the scoring system: 

Ranking points awarded to the nth placed team will be the Ranking Score of the nth ranked team prior to the event.



(i) Teams with Rankings Score (RS) above 50.  

Teams with ranking points RS>50 carry in a score of 50+0.25*(RS-50).

(ii) Teams with no ranking points before the tournament.


Full details on how the UKU Ranking scoring system works can be found HERE



Get your teams together and register!

The details for the remaining tournaments will be released once confirmed:

  • Glasgow (Mixed) - Sunday 31st May
  • Edinburgh (Women/Open) - Saturday 20th June

Keep an eye out on the Scottish Ultimate Facebook Page for updates or email for info!