OWT3 - Schedule Update

Since the publication of the OWT3 DRAFT schedule on Friday 6th July, there have been a few developments.


Firstly, there has been mix-up on the number of teams entered in the Open division and there has been a drop out in the Women's division, this means that a few amendments need to be made. Secondly, as you may be aware, the World Cup Final kicks off at 4pm on Sunday afternoon.  Given the number of requests that we (and the venue) have received from players asking about the schedule and whether it will be possible to watch the World Cup final it is pretty clear that we need to have a contingency plan just in case the impossible actually happens!  As such, the schedule will not be re-published/confirmed until Thursday 12th July at the earliest.  On Saturday games will still run approximately 9am-6pm.  On Sunday, we expect that some games will run beyond 4pm as per the original draft but we are doing our best to minimise the number.  As usual, please DO NOT make any concrete travel plans until the schedule has been confirmed.


This is to give us time to make the amendments needed, and to make some final decisions once we know the result of the World Cup semi-finals.  Whilst we appreciate that not everybody wants to watch the World Cup, it is clear from the high volume of enquiries we have received that it is in the best interest of all the players to see what can be done in order to limit the impact on our event.


Please do understand that the schedule is very congested and we also want to respect the teams and players that just want to play ultimate. However, we are aware that this external event cannot be dismissed as it is plausible that it will heavily impact the tournament.  


Please note that the venue have kindly agreed to show the World Cup Final in the Pavilion at the weekend, and the bar will be open.  Please drink responsibly! Camping on Sunday night is NOT available, so you will need to leave the venue and get home after the match.  


Finally - on slightly different note - the ground is hard and the grass is extremely dry.  There should be no naked flames - i.e. no bbqs or flamed cookers, etc - at the venue this weekend.  This is of particular importance to anyone that is camping as this also includes NO SMOKING.  Again - absolutely no bbqs or open fires on any area of the fields this weekend, including no smoking in the campsite.