Playing This Weekend? Read This!

We want the upcoming event to be the best it can be, so please think about the following when you’re at the indoor competition this weekend!



Ever been on the line, trying to throw the disc down the sideline, only to see a bunch of people stood/sat there blocking your throw? Or concerned that you’re going to run into someone when making a bid on the disc at the edge of the pitch? It can be really frustrating, and sometimes even dangerous. This is why we ask everyone that is NOT playing in the ongoing games to keep the sidelines clear. 


We understand that you’re interested in watching your competition, but unfortunately due to the size of some of the indoor halls this isn’t always possible to do safely. Please sit elsewhere when you’re not playing, and consider how you’d also enjoy and appreciate the sidelines being kept clear during your own games. 



Obviously you want to be prepared for your games, but please bear in mind that the facility may not have the space for everyone to take in their giant rucksack or duffel bag. If you can, please only bring in the essentials that you need for the competition, for example your playing kit, food and water. Please do not bring in your sleeping gear or overnight bag if it can be avoided. 


Space taken up by bags is space that can’t be used by other players or teams, and can make it difficult for general facility users to navigate through the venue. Please be considerate of everyone else around you. Also, please take care to keep walkways and fire exits clear  - we don’t want to upset the venue meaning that we can’t go back for another event! 



Please DO NOT run/warm up in the corridors or walkways at any of the indoor venues. It is extremely inconsiderate of other facility users and you will be asked to stop, so please just don’t do it. We have good relationships with a lot of our venues, or it’s the first time we’ve been there, and ideally we’d like to go back to each and every one of them. Please bear it in mind that if you leave them with a negative experience that they might not let us book with them again. 


We understand that this limits your options for how you can prepare for your games, but the constraints of indoor events just means that you have to think outside the box. Think of static warm ups or use outdoor space if it’s available!


Definitely NO throwing indoors please. Except when you’re on the pitch. 



Don’t forget that scores MUST be submitted by midnight of the last day of the event to be counted (otherwise they’ll be deleted). Please remember to make sure that you’re also selecting the correct region and 1st or 2nd team when submitting your scores, or else that score might go to another team accidentally or be discounted altogether. 


Also, please help your teams or players who may not be very familiar with how the spirit scoring system works. There are guidelines on the spirit form itself but it’s also important to remember that any scores with 0s or 4s, or total scores less than 6/above 14, must be accompanied by a comment.


The spirit link for the event can be found in the Info Pack. 




Any questions? Please email