Regionals 2019 - Confirmed Team Lists & EUCR-W Bid Allocation

Thank you to all of the teams that entered UKU Regionals 2019 by the Closing Date. We are pleased to now confirm the team lists for each region and division.   


Confirmed Team Lists:
Birmingham Ultimate Curve Mixed
Black Sheep Deep Space
Cambridge Ultimate 1 Guildford Ultimate 1
Leamington Lemmings Meridian
LLLeeds Mixed 1 Purple Cobras Mixed
SMOG 1 Reading Mixed 1
SMOG 2 Thundering Herd

UKU Mixed Nationals Bids:
Section Bids 2019
S 3
N 3
I 2
Waitlist N,S,I
Last year Leamington Lemmings competed in the Mixed (South) region, due to entering late.  They qualified to UKU Nationals 2018, effectively winning the wait-list bid that had been allocated from North to South when only 3 teams entered North Regionals by the deadline.  They were treated as a North team in the bid-allocation procedure for 2019.
Confirmed Team Lists:
Red Women 1 Bristol Women 1
SCRAM Bristol Women 2
  Chaos x Brixton
  Discie Chicks
UKU Women's Nationals Bids:
Bids 2019
S 4
N 2
I 2
Waitlist S, I, N



With a Women’s Qualifier Event held in 2018, it was agreed by the Women’s & Competitions Committees (prior to the Regionals Closing Date) that the 2019 bids had to be adapted to account for the fact that there were no North or South regions last year, and that some teams were more limited in their ability to compete because of the location of the qualifier event. As such, the bids were distributed with 4 to the South and 2 to the North.
Due to only 2 teams having entered the Women's (North) Event, both SCRAM and Red Women 1 will automatically qualify to UKU Nationals 2019 and will not be required to compete on the weekend of 3rd-4th August 2019. 

Confirmed Team Lists:
Alba BLU.
BAF Open Brighton Open
Birmingham Ultimate Bristol Open 1
Chevron Action Flash Camden Ultimate
EMO 1 Clapham
EMO 2 Devon 1
Manchester Ultimate Devon A
Red Open 1 Fire of London 1
The Brown Open Flump
YOpen GU Open
  Horsham Ultimate Open
  Reading Open 1
  SCU 1


UKU Open Nationals Bids: 
Bids 2019
S 7
N 5
I 4

N, S, I

The number of UKU Nationals bids were
 allocated based on the EUCS bid allocation algorithm.