ScCOIQ & ScCWIN - Final Standings, Spirit Results & Lost Property

Well done to everyone that took part in ScCOIQ & ScCWIN on Saturday 2nd February! 

Huge congratulations to Strathclyde University Men's & Women's 1st teams for coming top in both divisions and to ELF 1 and Dundee Alumni for winning the Spirit of the Game prizes in their respective divisions.


Final standings for both events can be found on the online schedule here:
Teams that have qualified for COWIN have already been contacted directly, but if we don't receive any response from you by 12pm on Wednesday 6th February then it will be assumed that you are NOT taking up your spot. Please contact ASAP if this is incorrect and you DO want to attend the Nationals event next weekend. 


The full breakdown of Spirit of the Game scores and the results tables for both competitions can be found here:

(Comments may be partially redacted by replacing text with **** and highlighted in red - this is to maintain anonymity and to remove any offensive language if applicable)

Please remember that any comments with a score of 4 or 0, or a total score above 14/below 6, without a sufficient comment will be deleted, and any scores submitted after midnight of the last day of the event (which in this case was Saturday 2nd February) will also be discounted. Unfortunately, it seems like we were missing quite a number of spirit submissions from the Men's division this time around - please remember to get your spirit scores in on time in the future.

Any questions regarding SotG? Please email