UKU 2021 Season Feedback - Share your opinion!

Following a pretty successful 2021 season, albeit after a bit of an uncertain start, we wanted to reach out to you to get feedback from everyone that’s taken part (or not), at all levels, to see what we might do for the 2021-22 season!


Don’t worry, we’re never going to completely get rid of the weekend events that we know you love (we love them too!), but we want to find a balance for moving forward. 


Let us know what you think. We want to hear from you!

Did you play in 2021?

Did you not play at all? 

Did you want to play but the format didn’t work for you?

Did you play more because the format worked better for you?

Did you find the use of single fixture days beneficial and/or enjoyable? 

Did you miss weekend events?


Whatever your opinions are, we genuinely want to know them. If we don’t hear from you, whether it’s positive or negative, we end up with only having the views of a small proportion of players to work with. This might mean that we change the competition format and it might not be in the direction that you want it to be, so get involved!


Here are the different ways you can get in touch and share your views...



Complete this short questionnaire and leave your comments at the end if you have anything extra that you’d like to share with us. Feel free to leave it anonymous if you’d like. 




It should take you approx. 10 minutes to complete. 

We know that this survey won't be perfect, but we just want to try and provide everyone with an opportunity to share their feedback in a way that works for them. If you don't think it's for you then please feel free to use one of the other ways to share your thoughts with us!



We’ll be hosting short online discussion sessions so that you can talk to us and everyone else on the call to share your thoughts and opinions, and to hear what others think too!


Make sure that you save the links for later.

Monday 20th September - 20:00 [LINK:

Thursday 23rd September - 20:00 [LINK:

Wednesday 29th September - 20:00 [LINK:



Feel free to just write us an email telling us how you found it or what you’d like it to look like next year. 

Email us at 



If none of the above works for you and you want to talk to us directly, we’d be happy to set up a separate time to chat with you and hear your thoughts. Just let us know when you’re available by emailing and we’ll work something out. 




And just in case you can’t remember, here’s a quick summary of the past season...

In 2021 we ran 2 different competition types: the Challenge League and the National Series. 


The Challenge League was designed to incorporate all of the scores from every game that has been played across the year to give each team that signed up a UKU Ranking. So far, as of the beginning of September 2021, we’ve had over 100 games recorded which is amazing! 


The National Series was a set of competitions that were to determine the National Champions (and WUCC qualifiers) in each of the three divisions: Open, Women’s & Mixed. There were two pathways to get to the National Championships: 

  • The National Cup
    A knockout competition open to anyone to enter
  • The National League
    A league consisting of 6 invited clubs

Teams who weren’t successful in directly qualifying to the Championships through their Cup or League finishing position then had the opportunity to fight it out at the National Playoffs for the remaining spots.
For the UKU National Championships 2021, only 8 teams in each division were able to qualify for the competition. 
This made it more feasible for us to coordinate a contingency plan for the possibility that Nationals would be unable to go ahead as a weekend event. 
The final position of all of the teams at Nationals will determine which teams will go to WUCC 2022, however we are still waiting for the number of GBR bids to be confirmed.