UKU Beach Nationals 2019 - Updated + Confirmed Schedule

Please make sure that all of your players are aware of the following information for this weekend!



When you arrive, don’t forget to go via the TD desk to pick up your team disc for the weekend and to receive any updates. Also, please keep up to date with the latest news and information for the event on the UKU Beach Nationals Event Website.


All major pieces of information regarding the event - including schedule, SotG, car park and venue information - will be posted there so please check the event website before you leave on Saturday morning and throughout the weekend. 



Please ensure that all of your players have full UKU membership for the event and are rostered to the relevant team on the GoMembership website. More information, including how to do this, can be found here. Checks will be carried out.



We are pleased to now CONFIRM the schedule for the weekend. However, there have been some substantial changes due to a dropout in the Open division so please double check the event's schedule to make sure that you know your team's correct start time. The schedule link can be found on the Event Website.


If you have any questions, please email Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you this weekend!