UKU Club Competition Structure Review - 2019 Onwards

Are you a relatively new Ultimate player? Or have you been playing Ultimate for years? Do you ever have questions about certain aspects of our competition structure or why things are organised the way they are? If you answered yes to any of those questions then we want to hear from you!


Following the 2018 season, we are carrying out a full review of the outdoor club UKU competition structureTo find out more about why we're doing this, and what we're currently considering for the UKU competition structure, please take a quick look at this presentation:


Once you've been through the short presentation, we would really appreciate it if you would share your thoughts about what your priorities are as a player and what you want to get from your tournaments. So if you have the time, please complete our quick survey here:


The survey will be open for everyone to complete until the end of UKU Nationals 2018 - Monday 27th August. Following that, we will be running Q&A sessions and conference call discussions throughout the whole of September to answer any questions that you might have about what we're currently doing, what might be done and where Ultimate in the UK might be going. We hope to make these weekly, or possible more frequent depending on demand. Hopefully this will provide you with the opportunity to get involved in shaping our competition structure in the future. 


Once our consultation period has finished, we will then review all of the feedback and data that has been collected to come up with a clearer idea of what will happen with the 2019-20 season and beyond. 


Please note that all answers to the survey will be made public so that there is clarity for the community on this topic, whilst also providing transparent background information for any decisions that UKU decides to make in the future.