Congratulations to all the teams at this weekend's Open Qualifiers. Full results will be published tomorrow, giving you the rest of today to enter any spirit scores you are still missing!

But already we need to think about Nationals. We anticipate that some Scottish teams (at least) will not make it down to Plymouth, and so it's very hard to say exactly how many qualifying spots there will be in each region. The top 6 in Plymouth regionals, and 7 in both Crawley and Stoke, are guaranteed a spot, but we do expect that some other teams will get in and they will need time to plan.

Therefore entry is open now and will close THIS WEEKEND - Sunday 25th Jan at midnight. We don't require payment to secure your spot, but we do need to know who is coming this week so that we can let all the other teams know if they have a spot.


- If you haven't signed up by Sunday, your place will be offered to someone else

- If you are on the list on Sunday night, you will be expected to come and will be liable for the entry fee (specifically, for any group-of-mates teams that are hard to pin down, the main contact will be responsible!)

- If you finished anywhere near the qualifying spaces - certainly top 10; maybe you will even get lucky below that - do please sign up and we'll let you know if a spot has become available. Priority for filling spaces will be given to those teams who have registered, NOT necessarily to the team in 8th who didn't enter becuse they thought they hadn't qualified...

The event page is here:

See you in Plymouth!