UKU Club Outdoor Ranking Events 2020

The Club Outdoor UKU Ranking Events calendar for 2020 is now available to view! Following a successful year in 2019, the plan for the upcoming season is to continue to build upon the UKU Ranking Event structure to maintain some consistency for teams and help in the logistical planning of events. 


Similar to last year, we ask for anyone that is interested in hosting a Tier 2 event throughout the season, whether you’d like to do it as part of a club or on your own as an individual, to submit a bid by emailing! More information HERE


UKU is more than happy to provide support throughout the whole process - from simply managing entries to writing the schedules and booking the venues - and individual agreements can be made to suit each bidder’s requirements. There are a minimum number of events that we’d like to be able to confirm as part of the 2019-20 calendar, as outlined below, however additional events outside of these events are also encouraged so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any ideas!


The provisional calendar for 2020 can be found below. Please note that some events are still provisional and we hope to confirm these in due course. 


2019-20 Provisional Calendar


  • [Round 1] 28-29 March
    • Tier One (all teams): Y Ddraig Goch, Cardiff

  • [Round 2] 25-26 April
    • Tier One (16 teams): Grey Towers, Durham
    • Tier Two (12-16 teams): Grey Towers, Durham

  • [Round 2] 18-19 April OR 25-26 April
    • Tier Two (16-24 teams): South England - BIDS REQUESTED
      • 2x smaller events in the South also an option

  • [Round 3] 16-17 May
    • Tier Two (8-12 teams): Scotland/North-West - BIDS REQUESTED
    • Tier Two (16-20 teams): South-West - BIDS REQUESTED
    • Tier Two (16-20 teams): South-East - London Moooxed


  • [Round 1] 23-24 May
    • Tier Two (8 teams): Fog Lane

  • [Round 2] 6-7 June 
    • Tier One (all teams): Nottingham Windfarm 

  • [Round 3] 20-21 June OR 27-28 June
    • Tier Two (6-12 teams): North-West England - BIDS REQUESTED
    • Tier Two (10-16 teams): South West / South Coast England - BIDS REQUESTED

  • [Round 4] 11-12 July 
    • Tier One (all teams): Moor Lane, Birmingham


  • [Round 1] 23-24 May
    • Tier Two (16 teams): Fog Lane

  • [Round 2] 6-7 June 
    • Tier One (all teams): Nottingham Windfarm

  • [Round 3] 20-21 June OR 27-28 June
    • Tier Two (12-16 teams): NW England or Scotland - BIDS REQUESTED
    • Tier Two (20-24 teams): SE / East England - BIDS REQUESTED
    • Tier Two (12-20 teams): SW / South Coast England - BIDS REQUESTED

  • [Round 4] 11-12 July 
    • Tier One (16 teams): Moor Lane, Birmingham
    • Tier Two (8-12 teams): Moor Lane, Birmingham

  • [Round 4] 18-19 July
    • Tier Two (12-20 teams): South East - Edenbridge
    • Tier Two (8-12 teams): North-East / Yorkshire - BIDS REQUESTED

ALL DIVISIONS - Women’s, Mixed, Open

  • [Round 4/5] 1-2 August
    • Regionals NORTH
    • Regionals SOUTH 

  • [Round 5/6] 29-30 August
    • Nationals (EUCR-West)


We would also like to highlight that there has been a slight amendment to the Club Outdoor Event Entry Procedure, to make ‘ranking event’ status more accessible and flexible for events. Instead of it being guaranteed that all Tier 1 events and Tier 2 events will follow a certain set of allocation criteria should the event be oversubscribed, it may be possible for the criteria to be used interchangeably across the events. The METHOD of allocation criteria that will be used for each competition will be stated in the event entry information. If no method is explicitly stated, the default is that METHOD A will be used for Tier 1 Ranking Events and METHOD B for Tier 2 Ranking Events. Full details HERE


Wait! Are you a Club Captain, Coach or Committee Member?

Although it has been agreed that the competition structure will stay the same for 2020, there is continuing discussion between the Competitions Committee about the competition structure in the long-term, with possible changes being made for 2021 onwards. As such we encourage all teams and clubs to have a representative in the relevant divisional Competition Feedback Groups that we put together in 2018 so that your opinions can be heard! We always value your feedback and we want to make sure that any changes that are made are positive for Ultimate within the UK so please get involved to share your thoughts. 


If you’re interested in being involved, more information on what the groups are about can be found HERE, as well as how to join. 


Also, for those that have already signed up, we do apologise that the groups have been relatively quiet in recent months. However, we hope that with more engagement from clubs that we can get some really good discussion going!