UKU COIR & ScCWIN 2017-18 - Final Standings, Spirit and Qualifiers for Open Indoor Nationals

Well done to all of the teams that took part in the Club Open Indoor Regional tournaments and Scottish Club Women's Indoor Nationals at the weekend!


Congratulations to S&L Cartel (Stoke-on-Trent), fBOZ cIN (Weston-super-Mare), and BDB (Glasgow) who won the COIR weekend tournaments and to AMAZONS who came 1st in ScCWIN. Also, to the other teams that have qualified to take part in Club Open Indoor Nationals 2017-18! The lucky teams that have been awarded a spot are:


  1. S&L Cartel
  2. Danger! High Voltage
  3. Purple Cobras
  4. LED
  5. Birmingham 2
  6. Mustard 1
  1. fBOZ cIN
  2. PRO™
  3. Seahorses
  4. Kernow 1
Glasgow, Ravenscraig
  1. BDB
  2. Dark Horses 1
  3. The Brown 2
  4. Lizards of Bruntsfield 
Also, as a reminder, the teams that qualified from COIR Cranford are: 
  1. EIRF
  2. Ka-plop!
  3. Flump
  4. Geometrically Frustrated Magnets 1
  5. FREI
  6. Jusdisc League
[Chevron Action Flash who finished in 1st place declined their space so it was awarded to the team who finished in 7th]

Club Open & Women's Indoor Nationals will be taking place on 17th/18th February 2018 at Cranford Superdome, with entries opening on Monday 22nd January (today) - more information about the event can be found here. However, if you are not going to take up your spot then please let us know ASAP by emailing so it can be awarded to the next eligible team. 


The full final standings for the weekend can be found on the online schedules: 

COIR Stoke

COIR Weston -

COIR Glasgow & ScCWIN -


With regards to Spirit of the Game, we apologise for the technical difficulties that some teams experienced when submitting their scores. But now that the issue has been resolved, please can all teams ensure that they have done their scores for the weekend so that the SOTG award can be given out and the results published. The spirit form can be found here: