UKU Event Communication Protocol

As we saw at Mixed Tour 1 2015, there are some difficulties in disseminating information during a tournament. At that particular event, when the weather deteriorated on Sunday, teams were unsure of the official position - were games cancelled? Did teams forfeit, or did they draw, if they chose not to play? Was there a safety issue or not?

Teams were given contradictory advice from multiple sources, all of which seemed variously 'official'. Therefore, we now have an official communication policy, both so that players know where to look for accurate info, and so that we can better manage precisely what is said through our channels or by our volunteers.


The short version - follow @UKUltimateEvent on Twitter, or visit the Tournament HQ. More information, and an explanation of why we chose those channels, is in the document.


It's also a very good idea to subscribe to the UKU Event Announcements newsletter, which is the first place all non-urgent event info is posted - opening and closing dates for entries, draft schedules, or indeed things like this today. You'll find a link on the right hand side of the Events page. If you're already subscribed, you'll know because you received this information through that very newsletter! :-)

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