UKU Events Calendar - major outdoor dates 2014

Announcing dates and locations (where known) for major outdoor UKU events 2014.  Placeholder events will be set up in the calendar over the coming weeks.  Please check the event-specific web pages to check details.  The events below are listed in date order as far as possible - check specific event pages for definitive information. 

UKU requests bids for events marked with an asterisk *.


1-2 March: UOOR Uni Open Outdoor Regionals * (except Scotland)

8-9 March: Scotland UOOR (St Andrews)

15-16 March: UMON: Uni Mixed Outdoor Nationals (nr Sheffield)

29-30 March: MT1: UKU Mixed Tour 1 (Cardiff)

12-13 April: MT2: UKU Mixed Tour 2 (Nottingham)

26-27 April: UOWON: UKU/BUCS Uni Open & Women's Outdoor Nationals & Alumni Cup (Manchester)

10-11 May: MT3: UKU Mixed Tour 3 (Cheltenham)

31 May-1 June: OWT1: UKU London Calling (UCL Playing Fields, nr St Albans)

21-22 June: OWT2: UKU Open & Women's Tour 2 (Nottingham)

28-29 June: JON: UKU Junior Outdoor Nationals & Schools Championship Finals (Birmingham)

12-13 July: OWT3: UKU Open & Women's Tour 3 (Cardiff)

26 or 27 July: UKU Regionals * various

23-24 August: UKU Nationals / EUCR-West (Southampton)


UKU also seeks bids for the first formal UKU Beach Nationals* with no specific restrictions on date on date other than not to coincide with any of the Mixed or Open & Women's Tour dates, Regionals or Nationals.  Clashes with Junior events is acceptable.


International events that we planned around:

19-20 April: Paganello, Rimini

3-4 May: Tom's Tourney, Bruges

14-15 June: Windmill Windup, Amsterdam

4-6 July: US Open

2-9 August: WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships, Lecco, Italy (WUCC 2014)

There will also be the WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships (WJUC 2014) but the location and date for this event is still to be announced by WFDF.  This event and an U17 European event are expected to take place in July or August on a week that does not clash with WUCC.

end Sept: EUCF European Ultimate Championship Finals (date and host to be announced)