UKU Events Calendar - reminder of Indoor dates 2013-14

This announcement is a summary/reminder of UKU Indoor Nationals and qualifiers.  Please always check individual event webpages for the final details.

UKU requests bids for events marked with an asterisk *.

Club Open & Women's Indoor Nationals was previously advertised with the incorrect date.  The correct date of 22-23 Feb is now shown correctly in the list below.



19-20 Oct: UKU/BUCS Scotland Uni Open Indoor Regionals (Aberdeen)

26-27 Oct: UKU/BUCS Uni Open Indoor Regionals (SE:London, W:Bristol, N:Leeds, M:St Albans)

2-3 Nov: UKU Uni Women's Indoor Regionals (Sc:Aberdeen, N:Manchester, M:UEA, W:Cardiff, SE:Worthing) - note some are 1-day events

9-10 Nov: UKU Scotland Uni Mixed Indoor Regionals (Dundee)

16-17 Nov: UKU Uni Mixed Indoor Regionals (N:Liverpool, W:Bristol, SE:Chichester, Midlands *)

23-24 Nov: UKU/BUCS Uni Open Indoor Nationals (Div 1 @ Alan Higgs, Coventry, Div 2 @ Ellowes Hall, Dudley)

Sun 24 Nov: UKU Junior Women's Indoor Nationals (1-day, Aldersley, Wolverhampton)

30 Nov-1 Dec: UKU Uni Women's Indoor Nationals (Ellowes Hall, Dudley)

7-8 Dec: UKU Club Open Indoor Regionals (Ellowes Hall, Dudley)

18-19 Jan: UKU Club Open Indoor Regionals (Two events: Sporthouse, Dagenham and Fenton Manor, Stoke-on-Trent)

25-26 Jan: UKU U17 & U14 Indoor Nationals (Aldersley, Wolverhampton)

8-9 Feb: UKU Uni Mixed Indoor Nationals *

22-23 Feb: UKU Club Open & Women's Indoor Nationals (Sporthouse, Dagenham)

1-2 Mar: UKU Junior Open Indoor Nationals (Aldersley, Wolverhampton)

8-9 Mar: UKU Club Mixed Indoor Nationals (Ponds Forge, Sheffield)


UKU Rules of Indoor Ultimate 2013 have now been updated to be in line with the 2013 edition of the WFDF rules.  There have been no indoor-specific changes other than minor changes to the language that hopefully improve clarity and consistency with the original WFDF text.