UKU Indoor Events Provisional Calendar 2021-22 (Junior, University & Club)

Following the continued easing of restrictions across the UK, we are releasing our provisional calendar for the 2021-22 indoor events so that your clubs can start to tentatively plan your season. 


However, we feel that it’s important to highlight that we remain extremely cautious about the feasibility of these events going ahead due to the uncertainty that remains around COVID-19. Whilst we have listed the dates for the indoor season below, there are still some events that do not have venues yet, and where we have managed to source venues, the bookings remain provisional where possible. It is also conceivable that we may need to change the way that our indoor tournaments are run to ensure that COVID-19 risks are considered and venue requirements met. 

Of course, we are continuing to hope that these events will be able to happen, but we wanted to make sure that it’s clear that there still isn’t 100% certainty on what these competitions will look like. 

* Note that we have had to split UXIR onto two separate weekends due to weekend availability. 


NEW - Club Mixed Indoors

You may have noticed from the table above that we have introduced two new event weekends for CXIQ - Club Mixed Indoor Qualifiers. This is following the growing level of interest in Club Mixed Indoor Nationals, particularly in 2019-20. We had planned to introduce this in 2020-21 but unfortunately it never happened, so we will (hopefully) be trialling this new structure in the coming season. The details on how bids will be distributed between these qualifier competitions is yet to be determined but CXIN is planned to be a 16 team tournament.