UKU Masters Nationals - Final Standings 2018

This weekend Glastonbury Tor and Leisure Centre played host to the latest edition of the Glastonbury Tor-Nament which also incorporated the first ever UK Masters NationalsOver the course of a wet and breezy day, 5 Masters teams - Extra Mature Red Leicester, Fever, Mild Mannered Janitors, High Society, & U-Knighted - battled it out to be the UK's first Masters National champions.


U-Knighted - a Master-Mixed team recently returned from World Masters Ultimate Club Championship (WMUCC)  - showed the most promise early on, putting teams to the sword 13-3,13-4,13-5, before their last pool game against Janitors.  Janitors - a Masters Open team celebrating their 20th year together! - having just lost in sudden-death to EMRed were needing a win to get through to the final.  A solid first half saw them go up 7-2; U-Knighted pulled back in the second half, going on a 5-point roll to bring it to 8-7, but Janitors, saved by the buzzer, squeezed in the 9th to win the game.  With 3W-1L each amongst the top-three, it came down to goal-difference, with EMRed missing out on the final.


An hour later, with the rain coming down heavier and the wind building, U-Knighted and Janitors came out for the rematch.  It was a game of large momentum swings. U-Knighted stormed out of the gates 4-0 up, largely thanks to Janitors throwing away in short-field positions.  With the first goal finally arriving at 4-1, Janitors appeared to find their focus, going on a 4-point D-roll to go ahead at 5-4 up. After trading to 6-6, U-Knighted snag back a break to tie it up at evens for half at 7-6.  First point of the second half, U-Knighted take the disc from Janitors on a massive run-through D from Alex Watts but fail to capitalise on the ensuing short-field position, and with that came another big momentum swing; U-Knighted had a few unforced errors and that was enough to let the Janitors pull away, taking the lead and winning 11-7.


So huge congratulations to Mild Mannered Janitors in becoming the UK Masters National Champions 2018! Also many thanks to Ed Shardlow and the Glastonbury Tournament for integrating the first UK Masters Nationals so smoothly - it was a fantastic event.


If you can't believe that the weekend is over though and you want to go back and watch some footage, check out ulti.TV here


Final standings for the event are:

1. Mild Mannered Janitors

2. U-Knighted

3. Extra Mature Red Leciester

4. High Society

5. Fever


We hope you all had a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you all at UKU Masters Nationals 2019!


Mild Mannered Janitors 2018