UKU Member Update November 2013

In this update:

- UK Ultimate application to Sports Councils

- Membership and Ultimatum!

- Events Calendar 2014 reminders

- GB Juniors 2014

- Sports development dissertation idea


UK Ultimate application to the Sports Councils

Thanks for your support in voting for the update to our governing documents.  We will soon be re-submitting the application for recognition as the governing body for Ultimate in the UK.  This is an important step for the sport and we will keep you updated.

It would be nice to demonstrate that the community is interested and supportive of the step to obtain recognition from Sports Councils, and having more people voting on this resolution would certainly be good.  Please take a moment to vote for this resolution: you can find information and online voting form here.


Membership and Ultimatum!

Huge thanks to the many members that went ahead and renewed their membership during September/October in line with our changes to the expiry date.  In case you missed it - individual membership expires annually on 30th Sept regardless of when you join/renew (here is the info we published at the time the change was made).

If you intend to play in the coming 12 months, please update your membership sooner rather than later.  Please also note that in December we will take a snapshot of the membership data for the purposes of ordering and sending Ultimatum!2013. 

We also strongly encourage clubs to review our Club Affiliation scheme and sign up.  Some clubs will be required to do this in order to compete in UKU events in 2014.  Please check and get started. 


Events Calendar 2014 reminders

Note that dates and most venues for majority UKU events in 2014 (indoors and outdoors) have been announced on the "Event Announcements" newsletter.  We will continue to increase the use of that newsletter for making official announcements about UKU events, and whilst it will not be the only place to get news we encourage clubs to make sure they have at least one person signed up.


GB Juniors 2014

WFDF World Junior Ultimate Championships 2014 will be in Lecco, Italy: 20-26 July 2014 (see WFDF announcement).   Given the event is to be held in Europe we expect - but cannot yet confirm - that the annual U17 European Championships will be run alongside this competition (as happened in 2010 and 2012).

The GB Juniors Coaching and Management team have been making plans for the season and you should look out for more information over the coming weeks about trials and training dates.


Sports Development dissertation

Are you studying Sports Development?  Struggling for a dissertation topic? 

We would like to investigate what the organisation and community can do to encourage more university ultimate players to join and play with a club both during their time at university, but especially once they graduate.  We are particularly interested in looking at the Women's division.

If you are interested and think you could help please get in touch.