UKU Member Update October 2013

In this update:

1. Notice of UKU General Meeting on 9th November

2. GB round-up

3. Club competitions including Operation XEUCF Cleansweep

4. Qualification to WFDF WUCC

5. Membership and Club Affiliation

6. Competition Committee changes

7. Event Calendar announcements


Notice of UKU General Meeting on Sat 9th November

As part of our ongoing efforts to obtain formal UK sports council recognition as the NGB for Ultimate in the UK, we were advised that we should update one of our governing documents to make the Objects of the Company more explicitely about being a sports governing body.  To this end we need the members to vote on a special resolution to change the Memorandum of UK Ultimate.  There is also a vote to appoint Chris Bamford as a new Board member in the Uni Coordinator position.

Please see this notice for all the details.


GB round-up

In case you missed it we had a busy - if somewhat mixed - summer for GB-Ultimate with a total of 15 teams at The World Games, WFDF U23 World Championships, the European Youth Ultimate Championships and The European Championships for Beach Ultimate.

Despite the results not going our way, watching GB play at the World Games in a stadium with more than 10,000 spectators must surely have been one of the highlights of the year.

The U23 teams found that the competition in that division had also moved on from 2010.  Our teams finished 5th, 6th and 7th in the Open, Women's and Mixed divisions respectively.

At EYUC we picked up one of this year's gold medals in the U17 Boys division.  The Junior Open team finished 4th.  The Junior Women's team came in 7th, with the U17s winning a bronze in the biggest European U17 Girls competition held so far.

On the sunny Spanish beaches, GB picked up a batch of prizes, led by the Open-Masters team running off with the gold medal.  The reigning World Champs Mixed-Masters team kept up their record of winning Spirit, but slipped up in the final.  There were also silvers for Open and Women's Masters, and bronze for Women's and the Grandmasters.  The mixed team lost out in quarters to the silver-winning Irish.


Club competitions including Operation XEUCF Cleansweep

The GB World Games team ran off with the Mixed Tour title, with the Royal Goaltimate Society coming in behind them.

In the Open & Women's Tour it was largely business-as-usual for Clapham and Iceni, although Bristol fired a warning shot by winning Women's Tour 3 in Cardiff.  In the Open division EMO were the suprise package as they clinched 3rd place and (thanks to Chevron's result in Europe) a spot at the WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships 2014.

UKU Nationals once again included the Mixed division alongside Open & Women's; and also a Masters division for the very first time.  Clapham, Iceni, Bear Cavalry and Zimmer took the honours and the guaranteed spots at WUCC 2014. 

At xEUCF - the annual European Club Finals - we had 16 teams in action across the four divisions.  Undoubtedly this turned out to be the UK's top international result of the year as UK National Champions became European Champions in all four divisions.  Ka-pow!, Bristol and Cambridge won Spirit in the Open, Women's and Mixed divisions respectively.


Qualification to WFDF WUCC

UK bids to WFDF World Ultimate Club Championships 2014 have now all been settled as follows:

Open: Clapham, Chevron, EMO

Women's: Iceni, Bristol

Mixed: Bear Cavalry, Cambridge, RGS

Masters-Open: Zimmer, BAF

Masters-Women: ROBOT

Congratulations and good luck to all of those teams!


Membership and Club Affiliation

Individual membership is due for renewal now.  You may remember that last year we moved back to fixed renewal dates on UKU membership.  All memberships expire on 30th September and you should have received an email reminder about this.  If you have not renewed you should find a reminder and a link on the website whenever you login.  The membership and in particular the insurance policies are designed on the basis of continuous membership, so we do ask that anyone that is confident of playing next year just goes ahead and renews asap.  Ultimatum 2013 is due out in December, but can only be sent to those people with current membership at that time.

If you have not yet renewed then on the website your membership will currently be described as "Membership 2012-13 Expired".  If/when you update your membership please be aware that this "expired" status will not disappear immediately but will do so after a few hours.


We also continue to roll-out the Club Affiliation programme.  We need to improve the formal link between UKU and our clubs.  We desperately need to build a network of clubs that are set up and able to provide a clear pathway into Ultimate for new players and especially those that are introduced to the sport at school.  Club Affiliation is an important step in making that happen.

We require the following clubs to be UKU-affiliated for the calendar year 2014:

- Clubs with members that are under 18

- Clubs that want to play at international representative events (WUCC or EUCF)

- All clubs that want to play in the A-Tour and/or Nationals

Clubs affiliating after 1st October 2013 will receive affiliation until end 2014.


Competition Committee changes

In early 2013, as part of an ongoing review of the governance structure of UK Ultimate, the Board updated the Terms of Reference for this committee, with a view to having elections for the updated committee before end of the 2013.  Please see Competition Committee pages for more details.

We are still seeking applicants for the Junior representative.


Event Calendar announcements

Please see the recent announcement about dates and locations for the major outdoor events in 2014.

Indoor dates have already been announced at various times in recent weeks, but there will be a reminder and summary of venue-decisions published within the next few days.