UKU National Championships 2021 - Implementation of Ratio Rule A & Gendered Pulling

For the National Championships 2021, it has been agreed by the UKU Competitions Committee that Ratio Rule A and the addition to the “Prescribed Gender Ratio” rule -- that, for all games, a player representing the gender with 4 players on the field must pull for that point -- will be implemented. This is following WFDF & EUF’s announcements of this addition at the World Games and XEUCF 2021.


The update to the National Series rules can be found here:  


This is following on from the decision to use Rule A at Nationals 2020, which unfortunately never happened.  


We will be gathering feedback from all teams following UKU Nationals 2021 on the use of Rule A and gendered pulling so that a decision can be made on whether to implement this for the wider competition structure in 2022.