UKU Nationals 2018 (EUCR-W) & Competition Structure Review

Did you qualify for EUCR-W 2018 (UKU Nationals)? If so, don't forget that entries close this Sunday


Please make sure that you enter using the new event entry process at If you're having any problems send an email to as soon as you can so that we can help solve any issues before the deadline. 


Also, if you haven't seen it already, make sure that you check out our UKU Club Competition Structure Review for 2019 onwards! 


Following the 2018 season, we are carrying out a full review of the outdoor club UKU competition structure. To find out more about why we're doing this, and what we're currently considering for the UKU competition structure, please take a quick look at this presentation:


There is a link at the end of the presentation to a short survey where you can share your thoughts and opinions on what you want from UKU club outdoor events. Are our current competition goals correct? What do you think is important to consider when it comes to the competition structure? What do you think should be prioritised more? Or less? This is your opportunity to make your voice heard so fill it in so we can take your feedback on board! 

The deadline to complete the survey is Monday 27th August. Please note that the answers to all questions will be made public. 

Once the deadline has passed, a consultation period will be run throughout September to discuss the results of the survey, and to answer any questions that you might have about what we're doing, what might be done, and where Ultimate in the UK might be going. The current plan is to hold weekly consultation sessions although more will be added if there is the demand. But hopefully this will provide you with the opportunity to get further involved in shaping our competition structure for the future!