UKU Nationals 2019 - Update

Following confirmation that the Ryanair strikes are no longer taking place in Ireland this weekend, we are pleased to finalise the schedule for this weekend. 


The schedule is now CONFIRMED. However, a couple of small changes have been made since the draft schedule was published: 

  • Due to a dropout in the Mixed division, Cambridge Ultimate have been inserted into the bottom of the seedings
  • The order of the games in the 3-6 games-to-go bracket in the Open division on Sunday has been changed as a result of a review of the qualification route for teams

The schedule link can be found on the Event Website HERE


Please ensure that your team roster is up to date on the GoMembership website AND Ultimate Central. The following teams’ rosters are still outstanding:











Fire of London

Chevron Action Flash







Red Women 1




ALL players that are competing at the weekend and/or at EUF should your team qualify need to be added to the roster so please ensure that it is complete before the tournament starts. Please also bear in mind the EUCS Eligibility Rules when selecting your rosters.


If you have any issues with your Ultimate Central roster then please email and we will try our best to help.


Also, if you aren’t yet aware, UKU Nationals 2019 will be streamed LIVE on for another year! Make sure that you sign up now to watch the action over the weekend. The full livestream schedule can be found on the UKU Event Website.


In preparation for the weekend, we also remind ALL players to please remember to be ready for all types of weather. It’s expected to be quite warm this weekend so we encourage everyone to bring AT LEAST two 1 litre water bottles with them to refill before games. We have tried to ensure that everyone playing on the pitches in the far corners of the venue do not have any back to back games to help alleviate the issue of having to go quite far to fill up your water bottles. Also, if you can, please take personal first aid supplies with you to help reduce the pressure on the ambulance crew and to make it easier for you should you need the basics such as painkillers, antihistamine or plasters.


If you have any questions ahead of the weekend, please email Otherwise we look forward to seeing you there!