UKU Nottingham Windfarm 2019 - UPDATED SCHEDULE

Following the publication of the draft schedule yesterday for this weekend’s event, some adjustments have been made to the seedings to move some teams down, considerably, at their request. 


We would like to remind teams and players that we draw teams from pots of 4-teams in order to place them into their specific pool, or place in the brackets. The process broadly works as follows:

  1. We start from the UKU Rankings.  
  2. We have to assess approximately where to place new and national teams.  
  3. Teams are then placed in pots of 4: “seeds” 5-8, 9-12, etc.  To be clear a team labelled “20” in the seeding list has come from the 17-20 pot.  All four of those teams are seeded at the same level as each other.
  4. For each pool or section in the bracket teams are drawn at random from their pot.  

It is impossible to “get right”.  In general we give more weight to the UKU Rankings of established teams over new teams, or those that attend UKU events infrequently.  On the other hand, we tend to give a bit more “benefit of the doubt” to national teams on the assumption that the community is supportive of those teams getting appropriate practice from these events.  


Our aim is to remove as much subjectivity from the process as we can. 


With respect to the specific changes that we have made, one of them resulted in a change to the Open teams in the 5-8 and 9-12 pots and so pools LMNO have been re-drawn. All teams should carefully double check their start time on this version of the schedule as it may have changed. However, we are happy to now CONFIRM this schedule.


Full information for the event can be found on the Event Website, including the pitch map, spirit links and exclusive offers. Make sure you check it out before you leave - and keep an eye out on the Latest News page for any updates about the event!




We look forward to seeing you there!