UKU Open and Women's Tour Final Standings 2014

We are delighted to congratulate Clapham (Open) and Punt (Women's) - the UKU Tour Champions 2014.

Despite one or two close games along the way, Clapham proved to be comfortably the strongest team in the UK once again - and very possibly the strongest in Europe if London Calling is anything to go by!

Punt went into T3 as one of a few teams in a position to take advantage of the 'big two' missing a tournament to travel to the US - but in the end proved much more than a lucky understudy with an excellent sudden death win over Nice Bristols in the final.

Full results can be found here (Open) and here (Women).


A quick note on nationals qualification for the Women's division. The results of Women's tour are not formally used to determine the teams who earn a space at nationals. However, they do provide, in the absence of other information, the best guide we have to the relative strength of the teams. Since our intent is to offer places to the strongest teams, we are more likely to use the average points scored than the final ranking; in particular, we do not see Bristol as 10th in line for the 8 spots at nationals... Here's what it looks like arranged by average points:


1 Iceni
2 Punt
3 Nice Bristols Cupbowl
4 Free Agents
7 LLLeeds
8 Phoenix London
9 Blink
10 Relentless
11 Brighton Pretty
12 Swift
13 Crown Jewels
14 Dragon Knights 1
15 Manchester
16 JR Knights
17 JR
18 Devon
19 Glasgow
20 Lemmings
21 All Things Brighton Beautiful
22 Dragon Knights 2
23 Discie Chicks


Of course, further info (e.g. some teams prioritising mixed, or picking up players from non-attending teams) will be taken into account where necessary, but this list is perhaps a better representation of the order places at nationals will be awarded. Everyone should enter though, regardless of how far down they seem - history teaches that many of the teams above you will be unable to attend, and there's a good chance of getting in!