UKU Open & Women's Tour 3 - Draft Schedule Now Available #ukut3

Continuing our efforts to get these things out early, you can now see the DRAFT schedule for next weekend on this link:


After some thought, we've decided on a slightly adjusted protocol for releasing the schedule. We'll continue to try and get it out 8-10 days in advance of these large events when possible, but we'll also build in a period of checking where people are able to spot any potential issues (like for example at T2, where a GB team had simply failed to enter!). So for now, this is only a draft schedule - i.e. don't book transport expecting to start at a given time - but if no one spots any omissions by tomorrow (Friday) evening, then it will become official and we guarantee not to change anyone's start time after that.


Of course, we don't expect to make changes because someone says, 'I'd rather have a lie-in please!' or 'We'd rather be in the other pool!' - you'll be ignored. But if there are genuine errors we'll obviously produce a new version - please get in touch if you see something.