UKU OWT2 - Pitch map and further updates #ukut2

The pitch map is now available from the event page.

A couple of updates for you:

1. GB U17s have replaced Devon 3 in the schedule after Devon kindly gave up their spot to let the future stars play. This means that the previously published amnesty on pull-outs in the C tour is now over - if you drop out, you won't get your money back.

2. After confirming the pitch map with the venue, we've made one or two adjustments to the schedule to put watchable matches near the food vendor, and to make sure women's games are generally near toilets - all the usual things. We have NOT changed anyone's start times, or indeed the timings of any saturday games at all. We've literally just moved things onto different pitches. Please see version 1.1 (it's still in the same place as v1.0 was...)

And lastly, a final reminder to read the Info Pack, also found on the event page. Take particular note that dogs on the field, people urinating on the groundsman's house, and going into the building site for any reason are all quite throughly unacceptable.

See you on the fields!