UKU OWT2 - Schedule and Info Pack

In a spectacular fit of organisation, the details for OWT2 in Nottingham are already available. Lots of team have a late start, so hopefully some can use this early information to plan their travel and save money.

Of course, this early release is only possible because of our stricter policies on drop-outs; if you do pull out now, expect to pay the fine!

So here's the schedule:

(The various bracket pages, and a pdf version for printing, will be added later - the online schedule will of course be updated live once we get to the event.)

The Info Pack can be downloaded from the event website. Please note there are a number of important points about this venue - please do read this document.

Links for spirit submission are in that Info Pack also. Please do bookmark these links on your phone - and indeed check your phone is able to open the google form (speak to a team-mate if not) - and let's try and make that process as smooth as possible.

Any changes and new information approaching the tournament will be announced through twitter - please follow @UKUltimateEvent if you haven't already!