UKU Ranking Events Junction 7, Rhymney Cup and Midsummer Madness - Team List Confirmed

Thank you to all of the teams that entered into Open and Women's Round 2 events by the Closing Date! We are pleased to confirm that everyone has been awarded a space at each event. The full confirmed team list for all 3 tournaments can be seen below


Please make sure that your team rosters are up to date on the GoMembership system before the event weekend. Your Club Administrator can do this by going to the teams profiles section of the website and adding or removing players from the teams entered into the event on the GoMembership website. Your players will also need to have the correct level of membership for the competition. 


All event information, including the spirit links and schedule (when published), can be found on the relevant event website (Junction 7 | Rhymney Cup | Midsummer Madness. Please make sure that you also keep a close eye on the latest news page as any major updates will be posted on there up to and during the event, as well as on our Twitter page @UKUltimateEvent!


For any teams who haven't entered but do still wish to do so we do have some capacity at each event, however any places will be allocated on a first come first served basis from now, so get in touch with us now!


If you have any questions, please email



CONFIRMED TEAM LIST - Junction 7 2019


Cambridge Women's


LLLeeds Women 1


Scram 1

Scram A

SMOG Women

The Brown Women's 1





LED Open

LLLeeds Open 1

Manchester Ultimate

SMOG Open 1

The Brown Open 1

The Brown Open 2




CONFIRMED TEAM LIST - Rhymney Cup 2019


Brighton Women

Bristols Women

Chaos & Brixton

Discie Chicks

Exe Ladies

GB U20 Women

Reading Women 1

Reading Women 2

Red Women 1

Red Women 2

South Wales Storm




BAF Open

Birmingham Ultimate

Bristol Open 1

Bristol University Open 1

Devon Ultimate

Flump Open 1

GB U17 Open

GB U20 Open

GB U24 Men

Plymouth Ultimate

Reading Open 1

Reading Open 2

Red Open 1

Red Open 2

Shake & Bake

South Wales Storm

South Wales Storm 2

CONFIRMED TEAM LIST - Midsummer Madness 2019



Brighton Open

Brighton Ultimate 2

Brixton Open

Cambridge Ultimate 1

Camden Ultimate


Curve Open

Fire of London 1


Leamington Lemmings Open

Oxford Opens

Purple Cobras Open 

Ranelagh 1



St Albans Open

The Chilterns Collective