UKU Regionals 2019 - Confirmed Schedules

As there have been no additional changes to the Regionals (South) schedule for this weekend since the publication of the second draft on Monday, we are pleased to now confirm the schedule for this weekend. Both schedules are now finalised. 


Regionals South Schedule

Regionals North Schedule


All of the event information for both events this weekend can be found on the Event Website HERE: Please ensure that your team has read through everything thoroughly before leaving this weekend to ensure that you have all of the up-to-date info, including how the car parking will work and what will be on-site!


Also please make sure that your team roster is up to date on the GoMembership website. All clubs competing are required to use the club profiles area of the new GoMembership portal to add ALL players that are competing at the event to the relevant team on the new system. If you’re not familiar, the full roster rules for this competition can be found in the relevant Event Specific Appendix of the UKU Tournament Rules. Please make sure that you read them as there is important information in there, especially in relation to what happens if your team qualifies and how the UKU Nationals/EUCF rosters work.


If you have any questions, please email