UKU Regionals 2019 - Important Information Ahead of the Weekend

Good luck to all of the teams competing at UKU Regionals this weekend! Before you go though, just a few important things that you should be aware of:



This is the largest event that we've held at this venue before so we anticipate that the car parks may become full. If they do then there are free car parks available in the town centre which is approx. a 5 min walk away. We have included a map of the area to outline where some of these car parks are on the Event Website


You might be tempted to park on the road leading up to the venue on the kerb but we please ask that you refrain from doing so as there is already tension between the homeowners there and the venue. As mentioned, there are free car parks not far from the venue and you do not want the police contacting you as someone has reported your car.  Although if you do decide to park there regardless, we recommend that you are VERY CAREFUL and ensure that you park legally and responsibly.



Although we have booked the venue for as long as we can over the weekend, the timings are still quite tight - particularly at the end of Saturday. We kindly ask teams to please help the TD by clearing away at the end of games as soon as possible on the Saturday, with no loitering around. This is our first time at the venue so if we can leave a good impression this time around then hopefully we can build a good relationship for the future!



At the last few tournaments it seems that we've had much more litter left lying around at the end of the day. Please can you help us by collecting any that you see over the weekend? Particularly when there's only 1 or 2 pairs of hands, picking up rubbish for 300+ people can take a really long time. There should be plenty of bins on site so please use them, or put your team's rubbish in a bag to be deposited in a large bin at the end of the day. 


Also, we really encourage you to use a reusable water bottle if you can! We pick up a tremendous number of plastic water/sports drinks bottles from the sidelines over tournament weekends and it would be great if we could reduce this number significantly! We recommend that each person has at least two 1 litre reusable water bottles with them. 



There will be NO food/drink available to buy on site at Regionals North over the weekend. Please ensure that you and your team mates are prepared for this. There are some shops nearby that are within walking distance if needed. Full information on the Event Website.


At Regionals South, there will be a counter serving food and drinks in the bar area throughout the weekend. Please note this is cash only.



Please ensure that your team roster is up to date on the GoMembership website. All clubs competing are required to use the club profiles area of the new GoMembership portal to add ALL players that are competing at the event to the relevant team on the new system. If you’re not familiar, the full roster rules for this competition can be found in the relevant Event Specific Appendix of the UKU Tournament Rules. Please make sure that you read them as there is important information in there, especially in relation to what happens if your team qualifies and how the UKU Nationals/EUCF rosters work.


If you have any questions at all before the weekend, please email Otherwise we look forward to seeing you there!